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Professionals specialised in complementary skills addressed to the Company and to the Entrepreneur, offer their consultancy directly at the offices of the Firm, in coordination with the other professionals of the structure.

For particular needs of the customer, the Firm interfaces and collaborates efficiently with the most qualified law firms and notaries operating in the field.

Andrea Lavorenti Advisory Advisory is an initiative promoted by Del Piero, Sirch & Associates Firm and the corporate finance experts Andrea Lavorenti and Alessandro Scala, the latter operating in London, to assist the entrepreneur identifying the most suitable alternative financial instruments and to support him during the consequent funding process. The aim is flanking the traditional forms of financing, which can only be used within the limits of the increasingly stringent reference regulations, with alternative solutions such as private equity, fintech, private debt, asset-based loan, minibond or credit granted by specialised banks, up to listing on regulated markets such as AIM.

Stefano Petronio


Stefano Petronio, member of the Order of Lawyers of Gorizia since 1993, carries out, together with his collaborators, legal advice on matters strictly complementary to those of the Firm. He operates mainly in the field of bankruptcy law, Merger & Acquisition and corporate and banking law.

Luca Del Medico

Quadra Research

Luca Del Medico with his own company "Quadra Research S.r.l." supports companies in the selection of the ideal candidates to cover key roles and specialist figures of managers, executives and qualified personnel. Thanks to many years of experience and to a great knowledge of the professional market, together with his team, he deals with the various issues and needs of selection in an effective and personalised manner, with the awareness that each reality has specific characteristics. The punctual and effective support to companies and candidates throughout the whole recruiting process, brings that added value necessary to obtain the best result, since only a properly assessed human capital can encourage the growth and development of each structure.

Eugenio Del Piero


Eugenio Del Piero, also through his own company "Promotion Development Investments - Pro.Dev.In. S.r.l.", has for years been carrying out consultancy activities for the benefit of industrial companies with the main focus on internationalisation. CEO of newspapers, multi-utilities and regional finance companies, he was Director of the Industrials Association of Udine from 1980 to 1990 and previously held the same role in Trieste.

Stefano Virgilio

Stefano Virgilio is a member of the Order of Labour Consultants of Udine and carries out his activity in personnel administration, also in the tax field. He is specialised in management of the critical issues in the field of labour law that may emerge in the context of extraordinary transactions or in companies in crisis. Through his structure, he also provides the processing of pay slips and ordinary advice on labour matters.

Giulio Mosetti


Giulio Mosetti, member of the Order of Lawyers of Gorizia since 1999, carries out, together with his associates and collaborators, legal advice on matters strictly complementary to those of the Firm. He works mainly in the field of labour law, trade union law, privacy, legislation 231 and safety at work.

Michele Zanolla

Wealth Advisor

Michele Zanolla is one of the most qualified Senior Private Bankers of the leading Italian bank. Enrolled in the Professional Register of Financial Advisors since 1993, he works as a freelancer providing the most appropriate Asset Management advice on investment services and capital management operations of companies, institutions or individuals.

Roberta Gallingani


Roberta Gallingani, chartered accountant enrolled in the Order since 2001, has obtained the diploma of Professional Coach in Business, Life, Sport, with a training program recognised by the ICF and AICP Associations in line with the Professional Coaching standards defined by the UNI Standard 11601: 2015. She carries out her activity alongside with professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and athletes who want to maximise their performance, creating an alliance to access the latent human potential and guiding them to achieve self-determined objectives of excellence.

Stefano Bravo

Bankabile - studio promozioni

Stefano Bravo, through the credit brokerage company "Bankabile Srl", provides consultancy services by offering the most appropriate credit solutions to meet the specific needs of the company. This, in order to optimise the sources of financing and to better place any new requests for credit and contributions based on the main national and community calls for loans for innovation and research investment projects.

Andrea Martra


Andrea Martra, through the company "Acquaforte S.r.l.", deals with organisational companies’ development with particular attention to quality certification issues, International Standards Compliance and Lean Organization in the industrial and service sectors. He is a contract professor of Business Statistics at the University of Turin and CEO of HalalTO. The latter being an academic spin-off of the University of Turin for business matching with the Middle East and the Gulf Area and a center for study and research on Islamic Finance and Halal compliance.